Professional Electric Hair Clipper


Professional Electric Hair Clipper


165.40 FC*

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?Special Recommendation (1): USB direct charge type Chinese Kung Fu classic T9 professional hair clipper, at the best price, to provide you with the best quality products.

The lowest price, the same quality as before

Excellent metal die-casting and metal surface treatment technology, every detail shows excellent quality.

?Special Recommendation (2): 2022 Waterproof Series Flagship Version (2000Mah Lithium Battery Capacity, 10W Power, Representing the Highest Manufacturing Level of Hair Clippers)

The SKU names of the following products are as follows:
7. WaterProof-Devil;

The Five core designs greatly improve customer experience and create core value for customers!

ⓐ IPX4 waterproof grade is currently one of the high-quality hair clippers that can be washed all over by AliExpress. It can be used when you take a bath, which is more convenient and more user-friendly.

ⓑThe speed of the motor can be adjusted, which is suitable for different hair-cutting environments. LCD intelligent display technology makes your operation more intelligent and convenient.

ⓒ The large capacity of 10W 2000MAH greatly increases the working time of the product and saves a lot of waiting time for charging, thereby improving your work efficiency.

ⓓTYPE C USB smart charging, you can use computers, sockets, and mobile power to charge at any time and anywhere, which is very convenient.

ⓔ Powerful industrial design, advanced Surface etching, and electrode oxidation technology make the product more reliable and usable. We have also adopted very textured engraving patterns to make the appearance of the product more beautiful. A more artistic atmosphere for you.

?Special Recommendation (3): The classic LCD liquid crystal display products of Chinese Kungfu have been imitated by others, and no one can surpass them.

We bring the best cost-effective products through the use of new designs, new materials, new technologies, and perfect process designs.

High-quality motor and intelligent power display make the product more practical

Perfect metal surface etching technology, 3D pattern modeling, make our products more ornamental.

?Key Recommendation(4): Return of the Lord of the Rings product series

1). The Sauron and Maya of the Lord of the Rings LCD display portable hair clipper: 0mm cutting distance, suitable for haircuts, shaving, body hair, and other application scenarios.

✳1) 0mm cutting distance, suitable for various haircut environments.

✳2) Real LCD liquid crystal display, intelligent display of power, motor speed, and remaining time of work.

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Hair Clipper/Hair Trimmer

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Hair Trimmer



Product Type 1

Hair Cutting Machine

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Trimmer for Men

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Product Type 4

hair clipper

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Hair Trimmer

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