Automobile Thickness Gauge Car Paint Tester


Automobile Thickness Gauge Car Paint Tester


281.10 FC*

VC100 NO batteryVC100 with battery


What is the VC100 and How to Work with it?

VC100 thickness gauges are used to measure the thickness of electroplated and coated plates on metals, such as paint/enamel/chrome on steel, paint, and anodized coatings on aluminum/copper. The instrument uses a precision integrated probe, using the principle of electromagnetic induction and eddy current effect to automatically detect the properties of the substrate.

Car Paint Tester Operation Instructions

1. Measurement preparation
Open the battery cover and load two CR2032 button batteries(Not Includes); Pay attention to the positive and negative poles.

2. Turn on/off
Leave the instrument to hang in the air and press the “CLR” button to turn it on, LCD full-screen display, which means it enters the measurement state. Then long-press the “CLR” button to turn it off.

Note: Keep it away from the substrate when starting up.

3. Measurement
Press the probe onto the coated metal substrate lightly, ensure that the instrument should be perpendicular to the surface of the object that is measured.

Note: When the probe was pressed on the substrate, the LCD will display”—“, then you must wait unit the measurement value displayed the LCD, then remove it from the substrate. If removing before a value is displayed, it will display the last measured value.

4. Unit selection
After start-up, short press the”UNIT” button to select measurement unit mm or mil.

5. LCD backlight
After start-up, long-press the”UNIT” button to turn on/off the backlight.

6. Clear screen data
After start-up, press the “CLR” button to clear the data displayed on the LCD screen.

7. Power off automatically
The instrument will power off automatically if two minutes no operation after start-up. And it will power off automatically as well after five minutes of start-up, even when you are operating it.

Car Paint Tester Button Functions

1.Botton”CLR”: Turn on/off, Clear.

2. Botton”UNIT”: Unit Switch, Backlight

Top Reason For Choosing VC100 Car Paint Tester

1. Used for Car Coating Damage Assessment/Car Accident Detection/Painting Thickness Gauge /used car value assessment

2. Applicable people(Car paint repairers, used car appraisers, car repair shops, car manufacturers, etc)

3. Supporting Gauge items:non-metallic coating(such as paint, film, etc.) on a metal substrate

4. Highly sensitive probe for Accurate Quick Measurement

5. Highly-definition Digital LCD Backlight Display for night using

6. Multiple measurements ranges (0-1.80mm to 71.0 mil )for more situations

7. 2 Units Conversion(mm/mil) for different measurement requirements

8. Auto Power-off after using, saving more time, using longer

9. Small and light( 0.14g)mini size, easy to carry

Richer Measurement Range

VC100 Thickness Gauge For Cars which could measure range from 0-1.80mm to 71.0 mils for different environments. Besides, it has more small measurement of only ±0.1mm which measures more accurately.

Real Car Painting and No-Painting Gauge Comparison

When measuring paint thickness in the same vehicle using the VC100, the painted area measurement displays a larger value and the unpainted area measurement is smaller.

HD Backlight LCD Display

With a digital LCD backlight display, this car paint thickness meter can read data clearly in a night or dark environment.

Notice: If you want to use the backlight functions, you need to long-press the Unit button.

2 Units Conversion For Choosing

The measurement unit can be switched between (mm and mil )to facilitate different measurement requirements. It could meet different scenarios needing.

Richer usage scenarios

VC100 could be used for more different scenarios such as Manufacturing, Car Paint, Chemical Industry, and Equipment Inspection. It could meet different users’ needs.

Real Usage scenarios

If you want to look at the real using picture, you could refer to these real using pictures.

Packing List

1. A Product VC100 Coating Thickness Gauge
2. A Operating Instructions
3. A Packing Box

Additional information

Car Thickness Guage Color

Black(As Picture Showed)

With LCD Backlight Or Not


Minimum Thickness Of Substrate


Car Thickness Guage Battery

Not Included

Car Thickness Guage Function

Test Car Thickness Coat

Car Thickness Guage Feature1

Car Paint Tester

Car Thickness Guage Feature2

Auto Film Thickness Meter

Car Thickness Guage Feature3

Paint Thickness Gauge

Car Thickness Guage Feature4

Coating Thickness Guage

Measurement range






Auto Fe & Nfe


Measurement error


Minimum diameter of substrate


Working Temperature


Working Humidity



2pcs 3V CR2032 batteries



Using People 1

Car Coating Damage Assessment

Using People 2

Car Accident Detection

Using People 3

Painting Thickness Gauge

Using People 4

used car value assessment

Quality Test



Digital LCD Backlight

Auto Power-off


Clear Data


Measurement Angle

Vertical plane 90°

Supported Time

Day /Night




63.98g(without batteries)

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