Disposable Medical Stick Cotton Swab

Disposable Medical Stick Cotton Swab


19.60 FC*



Content: Individual packaging

Method of use

1. Hold the cotton swab and print the color ring end up
2. Cut off along the red line, the iodophor will automatically flow to the other end
3. Wipe the wound or skin with a moist cotton head

Scope of application
1. Skin disinfection before injection or intravenous injection
2. Small skin damage, abrasion, cut, and other shallow skin surface disinfection
3. Baby is also applicable
Iodophor cotton stick has low iodine concentration, rapid bactericidal effect, low toxicity, and no irritation
Package including: (50xDisposable Medical Iodine Cotton Stick or 100xDisposable Medical Iodine Cotton Stick)
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Additional information


Each individual package

Iodophor Cotton Stick Material

Iodophor cotton stick



Iodophor Cotton Stick Length

About 8 cm


About 0.5 cm


Protected from light/Sealed/At room temperature

Scope of application

Smaller skin damage, abrasions, cuts, etc.

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