Hybrid Varnish Soak Off UV Gel Nail Art


Hybrid Varnish Soak Off UV Gel Nail Art


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Item Type: Nail Gel
Ingredient: UV Gel Polish
Volume: 7ml
Quantity: 1 Bottle
Type: Gel Polish
Soak off: YES
Cured: UV LED lamp
Advantage: Easy to handle

1 Bottle 7ml LILYCUTE Gel Polish

It is made of healthy, environmental, friendly, no poisonous, pungent chemical materials.
It is quick-drying with any UV Light.
The color will keep shiny for up to 30 days.
Allow you for professional or home nail art design.
Hotting colors are optional, suitable for all occasions.
A professional nail art gift for yourself or your girlfriend.

Step by Step:
1. Clean Nails then nail surface as a normal nail art process.
2. Fully shake up the gel polish, it can make the gel polish color balanced. (Important)
3. Apply base gel first, which can make polish lasting longer, cure with UV lamp or LED lamp. (Necessary)
4. Apply the first layer of color gel polish directly. Cure: 30 seconds in LED Lamp, or 2 minutes in UV lamp.
5. Apply a second layer of color gel polish. Cure: 30 seconds in LED Lamp, or 2 minutes in UV lamp.
6. Coat with no wipe topcoat. Cure: 30 seconds in LED Lamp, or 2 minutes in UV lamp.

How to Remove UV Gel Nail Polish:
• Soak nails in a bowl filled with a small amount of acetone or wrap each nail in a cotton pad soaked with acetone for around 5 to 10 minutes.
• Product will start to become soft and you can gently file it away or slide it off using a small wooden stick.

Additional information

Number of Pieces

One Unit






Gel Polish




1 Box


UV Lamp, Led Lamp

Soak off

Remove with Acetone


Base Top Coat

Used for

Nail Salon Nail Beauty DIY Nail and gift etc

Lasting Period

About 3 Weeks


Healthy and Eco-friendly

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