LED Display Home Water Shower Thermometer

LED Display Home Water Shower Thermometer


431.90 FC*




Product name: LED thermometer

Product weight: 140g

Color: Silver

Size: 81*80.6*30mm

Material: ABS (electroplating), PC

Nut specification: gb 4min (1/2 in.)

Temperature range: 5-85℃

Measurement error: within 0.5

Measurement accuracy: 0.5℃

Dimensions: connect to standard 1/2 inch hose or sprinkler head.


* Quick and easy installation without any tools – fits with handheld showerhead


* No batteries required – The device harvests its energy from the water flow


* High-precision temperature sensor, a hydropower generator, a thermal sensor, and a digital LED display


* 360°rotatable waterproof led screen for better viewing


* Materials approved for drinking water


* With this device, you can easily monitor the real time water temperature, and take a more enjoyable shower



* Please install this thermometer manually, don’t use tools such as wrenches. Otherwise, the thermometer will be damaged and won’t work.


* If the thermometer makes noise, it is because you have tightened the screw too tightly. If you loosen it a little bit, the noise will disappear.


* This product relies on water flow to generate electricity, so low water pressure may result in darker or even no display on the display.

Additional information

Model Number

Water Thermometer

Plug Type

US plug

State of Assembly







Water Temperture

Control Channels

2 Channels

Max Speed

LED Display Thermometer

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