Multi Size Fishing Net Trap


Multi Size Fishing Net Trap


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The principle is the same as gill net. put the bait in the spring ring, Place the net where there are lots of fish, and keep it still, the buoyancy will pull the net open. The nebulized bait attracts fish to feed, and the net will catch them.

Usage: float fishing or bottom fishing.

Float fishing: Connect in the following order:fishing rod-float-sinker-spring ring(bait) -net.
note: Make sure the float is at least one meter away from the sinker, otherwise the net won’t sink completely and won’t open. This is important.
Bottom fishing: Connect in the following order:fishing rod-sinker-spring ring(bait) -net
theory: The sinker weight will sink to the bottom with the bait, and the net will float on top of the bait (spring ring) due to buoyancy. Passing fish will be caught by the net.

Experience sharing :
1. Please open the net as wide as possible by your hand before throwing in the water
2. Put more bait, wrap the spring ring, do not be too soft bait, the slower a bait atomizes, the more fish it attracts
3. After casting, leave the rod and line untouched and let it fall naturally.
4. Bottom fishing is better than Float fishing

Mesh Size Description:

4 mesh for 2cmX2cm fishing weight above 0.05-0.25kg

5 mesh for 2.5cmX2.5cm fishing weight above 0.25-0.5kg

6 mesh for 3cmX3cm fishing half a catty to about 1 kg of fish is appropriate

7mesh for 3.5cm×3.5cm fishing above 1kg-1.5kg

8 mesh for 4cmX4cm fishing 2 to 3 pounds of fish is appropriate

9 mesh for 4.5cm×4.5cm fishing above 1.5kg-2.5kg

10 mesh for 5cmX5cm fishing about 3 pounds of fish is appropriate(above 2kg)

12 mesh for 6cmX6cm fishing about 4 pounds of fish is appropriate(above 2.5kg)

Main material: Nylon, Metal

Size: 5-10 mesh

Package Include:
1 Pcs * Fishing Net

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Fishing Nets

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