Non-Woven Clothes Storage Bag


Non-Woven Clothes Storage Bag


86.20 FC*




Fabric storage and finishing bag-easy to use storage bag to store and protect clothing and household items-has 3 separate parts and has a clear window view, easy to use
Scope of application: family, dormitory, wardrobe, bedroom, loft, etc.
Suitable for use: For seasonal clothing, blankets, toys, photos, baby clothing, etc.
Debris-free storage-for seasonal clothing, blankets, linen, festive decorations, toys, photos, baby clothes, saree bags, etc.-ideal for homes, university dorms, closets, bedrooms, basements, lofts, under-bed storage, and More
Lightweight and portable-carry a portable bag with you can be stacked or transported in a different locations-easily move to a shelf, closet, etc.-quickly pack / unbox in different seasons, travel, moving, or when needed
Foldable zipper-can be folded or folded flat under the bed or drawer when not in use-Zippered zipper prevents dust, insect damage, water damage and odor
Clear window panel design—made of polypropylene nonwoven fabric—large transparent front window with zipper opening and closing

Package Included:

A, B, C One Piece

D, E, F Three Pieces

A2 One Piece+Gift bag

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Non-Woven Fabric

type 1

storage supplies

type 2

Non-Woven Fabric

type 3

Quilt finishing

type 4


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