Outdoor IR motion Sensor Switch


Outdoor IR motion Sensor Switch


90.60 FC*




  • Motion Sensor switch, it very convenient.
  • Easy to install and simple to use.
  • Practical and useful, the best choice for you.
  • Can detect the human body’s infrared, and use infrared to control the load.
  • Wide use, apply to incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, LED lamps, fluorescent lamps, and other kinds of loads.
  • It has the function of power and detection indication.
  • The motion sensor can identify day and night automatically.
  • t has a wide detection range made up of up and down, left and right service fields.
Package includes:
1x Outdoor IR Motion Sensor Switch
The item can be less sensitive if you go forward the detector,
but it can be sensitive if you go down the cross-section.
If the person stops moving under the motion sensor, it can’t light on also.
When it is very hot in summer, then the temperature of the environment is nearly the same as people, it may not detect well.

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