Printed Medical Self Adhesive Elastic Bandage


Printed Medical Self Adhesive Elastic Bandage


5.90 FC*

1 Star Blue10 Cat claw White11 Cat claw Green12 Cat claw Pink13 Cat claw Yellow14Dog claw Dark Blue15 Dog claw Green16 claw Lake Green17 Dog claw Red2 Butterfly Pink3 Leopard print Pink34 Skull Black35 Heart White4 Star White6 Blue Square7 Yellow Square8 Pink Square9 Football Green


Size Chart

S: 2.5cm*4.5m; M:5cm*4.5m; L:7.5cm*4.5m; XL:10cm*4.5m

1, Various colors and colorful

Because the product color is too much, please choose the color you want according to the selected picture, thank you.

2, Good Breathability

Good breathability, ensuring the skin’s breathing and refreshing

3, Self Adhesive, No Sticking Muscles, Skin and Hair

This stickiness makes it possible to dress the wound, finger, or joint,
When you want to replace or tear it off, don’t tear the wound or body hair, thus reducing the pain.

4,Easy to Tear

Good elasticity, easy to tear

5, Suitable for a Wide Range


Multiple Colors Available

Additional information


Non-woven fabric, Cotton

Stretch length

About 4.5m

Nature Length

About 1.9m

Product Width

2.5cm, 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm

Pattern 1

Stars, Butterflies, Squares, Football, Cat claws, Dog claws

Pattern 2

Cars, Horses, Cat heads, Puppies, Smiley, Heart Shaped, Leopard print


Self-adhesive, No Sticking Muscles, Skin and Hair

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