Soft Silicone Infant Tooth Brush


Soft Silicone Infant Tooth Brush


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User’s Guidance

1. Clean water is suitable for brushing your baby’s teeth. Try not to use toothpaste when brushing your baby to avoid swallowing toothpaste.

2. The brush head is soft and both sides of the brush head can clean the baby’s mouth

3. The baby finger tooth box can effectively keep the toothbrush clean when the toothbrush is not in use so that the toothbrush is not easy to be contaminated with dust

4. Baby toothbrushes need to be changed frequently and can be replaced every 15-20 days, which will help your baby’s oral health

5. Toothbrush with silicone suction cup is suitable for infants and young children aged 2-5 to clean their teeth while gently massaging their gums,Finger toothbrush is suitable for babies aged 0-1


Be sure to clean before and after use, or disinfect with 95°-100° boiling water for 3-5 minutes, and pay attention to whether there is any foreign matter in the bristles. Replace in time


1. Put the toothbrush on the mother’s index finger; lift the baby up slightly on his back or lie down; directly clean the milk teeth, mouth, and tongue coating.

2. The mother can place the baby teeth on the index finger to help the baby massage the roots of the teeth

When the baby has itchy anterior roots in the deciduous teeth

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